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We Love Working With Patients That Suffer With Neuropathy!

Don't Live With The Discomfort Of Ongoing Neuropathy Pain!

Neuropathy pain is persistent and debilitating, and it can inhibit you from doing what you want with your life on a daily, ongoing basis. Instead of accepting neuropathy pain as part of life, come and visit us at Cleveland Non-Surgical in Cleveland to discover how we can help.
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How Are Blood Vessels Impacted?

As the blood vessels that surround the nerves become diseased they shrivel up which causes the nerves to not receive the nutrients to continue to be able to survive. When these nerves begin to “die” they cause you to have balance problems, pain, numbness, tingling, burning and many other symptoms.
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Why Continue To Suffer?

Unfortunately, many suffer from the symptoms of neuropathy and don’t get an accurate diagnosis until the symptoms have progressed to the point of being severe.  Your condition likely started as “a little tingle” then got more persistent, and overtime progressed to pain, burning, or numbness.  It’s not an easy diagnosis to make for most doctors as it is usually accompanied by other underlying disease, symptoms or issues.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Mark has practiced for over 25 years in private practice in southeast Tennessee.

Dr. Mark Lee
Dr. Mark Lee

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Mark Lee and his staff have been trained in new and breakthrough methods to get your feet or hands back to the way they used to be. Enjoy life again and enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot on the beach or in the grass or just even around your own house.







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